Dege & Skinner

Listique’s Recommendation

We value the craft that goes into a product and the creative spirit from the hands that make it. In the heart of Savile Row, the street is best known for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men, you will find Dege & Skinner. With an atelier set up in the basement in this establishment, customers have the assurance that their garments are being made in the world-famous home of bespoke tailoring. Combine individual style and subtle elegance and you have yourself a Dege & Skinner creation, giving the wearer the confidence that they are perfectly dressed.


About Dege & Skinner

Established in 1865, Dege & Skinner remains only one of the two family-run tailoring houses in Savile row. Known for their expertise in civilian and sports clothing as well as military uniforms, notable people in business, the military and the royal family having been coming to this establishment for over 150 years to be dressed. A highly creative team with spend between 40-60man hours cutting and tailoring your garment whether it’s a shirt, blazer or coat, to the client’s exact standards. Recently, Dege & Skinner’s military uniforms for The Royal Lancers Regiment appeared in the V&A Museum for their ‘What is Luxury?’ exhibition. The Managing Director, William Skinner is also the elected Chairman of Savile Row Bespoke Association, dedicated to protecting and promoting the methods and customs that have made Savile Row the world-renowned home for bespoke tailoring. Cutting, tailoring and shirt making are all noble crafts. Dege & Skinner understand the importance of continuing to practise these skills, and so invest a great deal in their apprenticeship schemes.

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