What is Listique?

A free to access luxury concierge service for the discerning individual.

Time is short and life is for living, not spending hours trawling through reviews or web searches trying to find a supplier or provider who can meet your exact requirements.

That’s where Listique comes in.

Drawing from our curated network of the most respected luxury providers in London and beyond, we remove another item on your to-do list, by effortlessly connecting you to a supplier, service or company that can fulfil your request, however bespoke.

From those services that make your daily life run more smoothly such as wealth managers, experienced private staff and talented tutors to unrivalled luxury travel experiences and creators of the seemingly impossible who will make your bucket list dreams come to life, Listique's concierge is here to give you unparalleled access to the very best.

How does it work?

Listique carefully selects Partners after a comprehensive vetting process, which includes interviews, requests for references, and proof of a stellar commitment to customer service.

This means London's best customers are provided with trustworthy, convenient and reliable Partners who can help ensure their lives run smoothly - and luxuriously.

More information on how it works

Adam Irving — Founder of Listique