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Listique’s Recommendation

We feel there are few glove makers who come close to rivalling Cornelia James in terms of the quality of their product and the reputation of the brand. Queen Elizabeth is famous for wearing almost exclusively Cornelia James gloves; they have been part of her iconic look for over 70 years. However, the brand is more than just its royal patronage. We love their elegant designs that refuse to compromise when it comes to luxury. As well as the Queen, their distinguished customers include Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna, not to mention the wardrobe department of Downton Abbey.


About Cornelia James

Cornelia James arrived in London in 1939 as an Austrian Jewish refugee with little more than a suitcase full of glove-making materials to her name. However, her colourful gloves were a rapid success and she was named ‘Colour Queen of England’ by Vogue not long afterwards. 80 years later and the business, now run by her daughter Genevieve, is the most esteemed luxury glove makers in the UK. Designs include a range of materials, from simple cotton to luxurious cashmere to hard-wearing leather. Although the brand is the glovemakers of choice to the world of fashion, the firm are not interested in mass-production or section. Each product is made with love by the firm’s tight-knit team. A single glove maker makes each product from start to finish, ensuring that their original vision reigns strong in the finished product.


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Cornelia James Ltd, Hall Court Far Ripe, East Sussex, BN8 6AY

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