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Listique’s Recommendation

Very few timepieces can match Backes & Strauss when it comes to opulence. We feel that their diamond-encrusted watches evoke a bygone era of extreme luxury, where kings, queens, and nobility set the bar for the rest to follow. Backes & Strauss’s impressive designs blur the boundary between jewellery and watchmaking. We would recommend Backes & Strauss for those seeking a truly distinguished gift.



About Backes and Strauss

The firm has a long and rich history. Backes & Stauss was first registered as a goldsmith in Hanau, Germany in 1789. Founder George Carl sent his twenty-four-year-old son to London to open up a second office in 1800 and the firm has not looked back since, expanding to becoming one of the city’s leading jewelers before more recently specialising in luxury watches. Backes & Strauss draw on over 230 years of diamond expertise, cutting and polishing high-quality diamonds for timepieces that will eventually be worn by the world’s most esteemed individuals. Their expert team carefully choose interestingly coloured stones before transforming them into shimmering timepieces. Officially the world’s oldest diamond company, Backes & Strauss offers an unparalleled level of luxury and class. The timepieces’ inside mechanics are made by Franck Muller in Switzerland who are masters of their own complex craft. It is fair to say that a Backes & Strauss watch is a masterpiece both inside and out. The watchmaker's core collections are Berkeley, Piccadilly, Regent, Renaissance, and Victoria, reflecting their London roots. They also offer a bespoke service that allows the client to be involved at every step of the creation of a one-of-a-kind watch.


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21-22, Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4QJ

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