Home Security for Luxury Properties

The ability to offer peace of mind about home security to clients is priceless. Installing a system that adapts to the physical uniqueness of each sprawling property whilst meeting the individual needs of the family that lives therein is the task few professional home security service providers are capable of supplying. Many homeowners seek autonomous home security that provides an extra level of tranquillity alongside the contracted professional surveillance service already operating. As well as relying on external monitoring by security agents, our telecoms providers install residential telephone systems with cordless portability, smart at-the-door identification & entry, voice recognition and motion detection, so that calls are never missed, visitors always gain access and everyone is relaxed.

Listique recommends telecoms experts for home security

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, Listique has included highly skilled telecoms professionals in the luxury directory. Why? Because every high-end residential abode or country manor requires home security. In a crowded market, our suppliers stand out for several reasons: they specialize in residential telephone systems for large houses; they provide comprehensive solutions that include hardware, software, lines, broadband services and 24/7 365 day maintenance; and, importantly, Listique’s telecoms experts work closely with clients to guarantee absolute privacy.

Expect wireless video intercom systems

Trust Listique’s presidential partners to install cutting-edge wireless video intercom systems that are 100% reliable and easy to use. Whether it is the wide angle cameras that allow the homeowner a full glance of who is at the gate, or the multiple sub monitors that allow them to buzz in visitors from any room in the house, or the stylish door station camera that is an added attraction at the entrance to their property, Listique’s members have provided insightful feedback on their delight at having chosen a home security system from our suppliers. Unlocking a door via a wireless intercom system becomes a daily habit. Screening visitors via video and addressing them in a disguised voice by activating the voice-changing option means that paparazzi or speculative intruders can be dismissed with minimal confrontation. It goes without saying that all recorded information has automatic back-ups to avoid the loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster. It is also equally important to note that information is gathered in a way that meets current data protection standards.

Expect smart CCTV for 21st century luxury homes and country estates

Upmarket 21st century home CCTV systems include heat and motion detection sensors. When triggered, both sound and image alerts are relayed to the homeowners’ smart devices as well as to the mains monitor station. Intruders, strangers, unauthorized persons are all scanned by facial-recognition technology as soon as an invisible line has been crossed. They are deterred from continuing by strobe lights or an audio warning. Alternatively, the PTZ cameras will pan in, tilt and zoom, following the steps of the person of interest once the alarm has been triggered, to monitor their progress until met by a member of the house staff.

Listique’s partner Bespoke Telecoms have been supplying and installing residential CCTV and entry systems into high end residential properties for over 20 years. With a finger on the pulse of all upcoming digital improvements, they are home security consultants who have embraced digital technology and applied it to residential security systems. Apart from the above-mentioned excellent security features, there are added bonuses to installing bespoke CCTV systems such as ANPR cameras that facilitate number-plate recognition and thus seamlessly allow cars with safe number plates through entrance gates.

Expect tailor-made telephony solutions

Our recommended home security professionals are sensitive to the practical challenges of living in a large property. By installing uncomplicated residential telephone systems, our presidential partners make roaming around the house, moving between floors or walking in the grounds without losing the signal on a cordless phone a reality. Built in intercom and paging systems prove incredibly useful when locating someone within the house, be it to call everyone down for mealtime or to page a domestic staff member for a task. When it comes to luxury homes, large residential properties and estates, it is clear that unique systems solutions are required. This is why presidential partners Bespoke Telecoms provide more than an out of the box quick fix. As they state on their website:  A completely bespoke solution is tailored to your needs.

Expect super yacht telephone systems

Listique is proud to list home security service providers who specialize in superyacht telephony. Installing guest and crew paging features, tannoy systems, satellite communications and stylish handsets, their tailored telephony services allow for a home-from-home experience whilst cruising on a motor yacht or superyacht. Furthermore, given the importance of having installed a combined security and telephone system, our partners’ skilled engineers provide remote support whenever and wherever required. After sales services are second to none. Customer service is continual and product lifetime maintenance is provided, including software updates and hardware upgrades.

It is time to listen to the experts and entrust your home security and telephony requirements to professional suppliers recommended by Listique. Contact our presidential partners today and mention Listique for one-to-one analysis.