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Buying a home or an investment property can be a time and energy consuming process, what you need is an agent who will act solely on your behalf, without any conflict of interest between you and the seller. Acting exclusively for the buyers, Galleon advises and guides their clients through the entire process without cutting any corners and making the journey as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Galleon has decades of combined experience in helping to successfully find their clients their dream property across Europe and securing it at the best price. And as a fully independent buying agent they have total market coverage, including off market properties giving their buyers a clear competitive advantage.


About Galleon | International Buying Agency

Galleon is a leading international buying agency, specialising in the search and acquisition of prime and super prime real estate both on and off the market, in the UK, France, Monaco, Spain and Portugal. 


Utilising their extensive contact base and engaging directing with all listing agents and owners for off-market properties, they have access to the entire market - whatever you are looking for, they will find it. 


Their role is to advise you and protect your interests as buyers. Once your brief has been established, Galleon will conduct a complete market search to find the best properties available matching your criteria. From the search results, you will decide the shortlist of your top properties, Galleon will organise the viewing schedule and accompany you to each property to help you thoroughly appraise it. If you decide to put in an offer, Galleon will then manage the negotiation process on your behalf. They will use their market expertise and knowledge to secure your chosen property on the best terms. Estate agents want to sell high; we want to buy low. Their role is not only to advise you and identify the best properties matching your criteria, but also to negotiate the best possible price. They are incentivised to achieve so.


Acting a single point of contact throughout the buying process, Galleon will then ensure all due diligence is carried out and that the transaction goes through to completion safely and professionally. 


Simply put, Galleon takes all the challenges and hassle out of what can be a daunting process, while protecting your interests as a buyer, so you can just focus on your dream property. 

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