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Dr Simmy Kaur brings over a decade of medical expertise to her role as a General Practitioner. A distinguished graduate of The University of Liverpool Medical School, she further honed her skills at The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.


About Dr. Simmy Kaur | General Practitioner | The NINE Clinic

Her expansive medical background encompasses General Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and gynaecology, Men's Health, Paediatrics, Sexual Health, Neurology, and Accident and Emergency Medicine. She has a keen focus on Dermatology, Mental Health, Wellness, and Nutrition, ensuring her practice is grounded in the latest evidence-based research.

Prior to her journey in medicine, Dr Kaur gained valuable experience as a trained radiographer. Her rich professional history has enabled her to work with a diverse range of patients and clients, enriching her practice with a multicultural perspective. She brings an innovative and holistic approach to healthcare, blending creativity with conventional medicine.

When she isn't donning her white coat, Dr Kaur is an active member of the Serpentine Future Contemporaries group, indulging her love for the arts. She is also a talented painter, a freelance writer, and a fashion enthusiast.

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