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If you want a company that has developed an unparalleled knowledge of wine and spirits dating back to the Georgian period, Berry Bros. & Rudd is the United Kingdom’s oldest, original Wine and Spirit Merchant. The company have built themselves from the extensive knowledge of three different families that have run the business for over 300 years. The company are long term neighbours with St. James’s Palace, a reflection of the exclusive reputation that they have always upheld; as they have continued to fill the glasses of elite customers such as the British Royal family since the reign of King George III. Today, they hold six Masters of Wine, two Royal Warrants and regular exclusive visitors. Berry Bros. & Rudd make their selections based on taste, style, pure quality, and to match every palate.



About Berry Bros. & Rudd

Success was born from tragedy when a woman known as The ‘Widow Bourne’ first started Berry Bros. & Rudd in 1698. The company continued to flourish after being taken over by The Berry family in the 19th Century and The Rudd family in the early 20th Century. Now three centuries since their establishment, with generations of expert wine and spirit expertise behind them, Berry Bros. & Rudd are one of the most highly respected Wine and Spirit Merchants in the business. The company’s original home at 3 St. James Street opposite St. James’s Palace where they still reside, is steeped in fascinating history. The wooden floor is made from the remains of an abandoned, unknown ship, while further investigation reveals a room with dust-covered wines from the 19th century and a truncheon belonging to Napolean III. Some even believe that the twisted passage found with even more exploration supposedly leads to an underground passage to the palace.


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