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Listique’s Recommendation

Seeing as we spend so much time in our beds it is crucial that we get it right. We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep and we definitely know how it feels when we don’t sleep properly. Which is why Listique recommends the revolutionary sleep brand, Ammique. The luxury British bed maker has created a bed with patented Ammique ® body support technology guaranteed to not only last a lifetime but it also does away with the need for a mattress making it more hygienic and sustainable. Ammique is the brand for those who want to wake up every morning completely refreshed. For a 10% discount please mention the code "LISTIQUE2020".



About Ammique

Ammique was born when the founders were looking for a new bed. They realised that the design had barely changed since the 19th century. Already being founders of a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing company they turned their hand to creating a bed that wouldn’t deteriorate in support like a usual mattress would. After comprehensive research they patented Ammique ® body support technology which instantaneously contours to the natural curve of the body regardless of weight or shape and provides the same level of support whether used by an individual or couple. Ammique have recently debuted a bed in one of the Chelsea Suites at the five-star hotel, The Berkeley, making it the first hotel in London to offer its guests a unique mattress-free sleep experience. Ammique doesn’t just provide you with a bed though, they also offer 100% Egyptian cotton bedding, duvets, pillows and headboards as well as a truly bespoke service to create your perfect Ammique sleepscape™ sanctuary which includes the design and installation of temperature controlled, lighting and audio-visual systems. Currently Ammique is working with Lee J Rowland of Rowland Art Engineering to create the world’s most expensive bed so we will keep you posted on its imminent launch! If you would like to see some of Lee's work please see the link below in contact details.

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