Carpet Cleaning Companies for Luxury Interiors

At Listique’s recommended carpet cleaning companies the attention to fabric care required by luxury interiors with plush upholstery prevails. Our suppliers are true professionals with excellent reputations. There are several reliable carpet cleaning services based in London and then there are those that are top tier: Listique’s partners are the finest family run carpet cleaning businesses in the capital. With first-hand experience of specialist cleaning of fine rugs and tapestries, as well as carpet cleaning for high end manufacturers, our partners are approved by Harrods, Charlotte Lane Fox, Sylka ™ Carpets, Selfridges & Co and Ralph & Russo, to name a few of their regular customers.  

Listique-listed carpet cleaning companies: the lowdown 

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, it can only be expected that Listique recommend carpet cleaners go above and beyond removing blemishes or dealing with fungus growth. Our helpful tips in selecting the best carpet cleaning company for your London home are outlined below and Listique’s members can assume these expectations will be met. By using cutting-edge equipment and techniques for carpet cleaning in the 21st century, our recommended contract cleaners deliver greener cleaning solutions. Furthermore, in these times of Covid-19, our partners are being contracted for biohazard cleaning jobs in the most exclusive neighbourhoods of London. Robust deep cleaning in order to repress any outbreak is the essence of their procedure for tackling coronavirus. 

Expect in-depth knowledge of carpet and upholstery care 

Our experts will tell you all about the cleaning process, providing a step-by-step plan which can be consulted at all times. The detailed carpet cleaning report prepared for the homeowner after the first visit to the property explains how the carpets, wall hangings, curtains and upholstery will be cleaned. There will be an outline of the types of chemicals that will be used, their purpose and their toxicity. When toxic materials are used, our recommended carpet cleaning partners explain how the chemicals are neutralized afterwards. It goes without saying that Listique works with true professionals who follow correct protocol for disposing of chemical waste, rather than washing it down drains. The decision concerning whether cleaning is done with hot water, steam, dry chemical sprays, carpet cleaning powders, by hand or by machine is meticulously discussed. Clients are also informed about how the stains and spots will be cleaned, how pet odour will be removed and what colour correction methods will be applied (when necessary).  

Expect green cleaning

Green carpet cleaning methods use very effective water-based solutions that can be removed completely during the cleaning process. There can be no doubt that eco carpet cleaning achieves some of the best results on the market. Apart from being the perfect solution for people with allergies, green cleaning methods consume less water, less energy and less time than harsher chemical-based carpet cleaning alternatives. With green cleaning, fabric is protected, shrinkage is avoided, and colours are maintained. Most carpet cleaning companies now carry a Green Seal or equivalent certification proving environmentally friendly credentials. 

Expect carpet cleaning skills for unique items

Tapestries are enjoying a revival with interior designers seeking original textile art for walls. Woven art is especially appealing with those who appreciate hand crafts. There is nothing more hygge than reducing the sound of echoes in swish open plan interiors or than hanging tapestries in strategic places around the home. When it comes to cleaning tapestries, wall hangings, oriental rugs or antique upholstery, skilled technicians from our carpet cleaning companies are employed to work meticulously, removing dust carefully by hand, using appropriate water-based cleaning materials and finally drying the items in a controlled environment. 

Expect a winning team

Listique’s recommended carpet cleaning partners are all investors in people. They build up teams of technicians who are fully trained, proficient and wholly confident in their skills. The people delivering the service are on a career path which is rewarding, making each individual a loyal employee. With fully trained and experienced technicians delivering the best results, a winning team is a given. 

Expect them to be members of a professional association

As well as having insurance as an important safeguard to shield both client and technician from unnecessary liability, it is also worth noting that Listique’s partners are members of professional associations. We recommend carpet cleaning companies that are IICRC Certified, who work with the Designers Guild, are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and that meet British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) professional standards and accreditation. 

Expect comprehensive pricing 

Whereas other companies may make clients feel uncomfortable with hidden costs or last minute upsells, Listique prefers carpet cleaning companies that are straightforward about their costs. Experienced carpet cleaning companies know how to accurately price their services, with true professionals such as those listed in our directory usually charging less than those who are still learning the trade. For example, extra services like sanitising, deodorising or carpet protection are listed and explained individually. As Listique customers pay well, it allows our professional partners to invest in the best equipment. 

Quotes can be provided per square foot or per room (per area). The utmost esteem for the sentimental as well as material value of carpets, rugs and hangings is shown. Likewise, this level of care, consideration and attention that is provided by our recommended carpet cleaning companies demands respect for the work performed. The gratitude is mutual and respect, reciprocal.

Expect commercial carpet cleaning services for offices

Most of our recommended carpet cleaning companies also have a department that works with commercial customers. They use their skills to carry out preventative office disinfection using hospital-grade coronavirus exterminating disinfectants. Partners Ace Carpet Cleaners have a deep cleaning service for workplaces that build up staff confidence about working at the office rather than from home. Our recommended carpet cleaning companies operate 24/7 services especially tailored to retail stores, hotels, boats, yachts and venues.

Do not delay in requesting a quote from carpet cleaners recommended by this directory. Remember to mention Listique for favoured treatment.