5 Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

By Emily Gray

Published 30/09/2020

Hands up if this scene is all a little too familiar: you’ve decided to take up yoga, wanting to improve on your flexibility, your strength and to boost your overall well being. You decided to join a class and one day whilst you’re trying to master the Crow position feeling anything less than relaxed as you had to rush to get to the lesson and you’re pretty sure your hands are in the wrong place but you don’t want to ask, you think maybe yoga isn’t for you. And you stop. That however is where Yoga Team comes in, the modern wellbeing experts specialise in private 1-1 and small group classes tailored specifically to your needs, physically, mentally and to fit in with your lifestyle. 

We caught up with founder, Katie Sheikh to discover the benefits of private yoga classes.


With life tentatively returning to some sort of normality our schedules are getting busy again and once life is back to normal - well we all know how busy modern life is. The last thing you want is to worry about making that yoga class or the fact that you missed it again. 

Katie says ‘having a teacher arrive at your door at 6:30am so you can fit in a class before work or the school run (and shower and change from the comfort of home) is the ultimate in convenience, making self care an actual option for those with busy schedules.’


Yoga Team’s instructors are able to tailor the sequencing, pace, focus and balance of the class to each individual’s needs and allows the instructors to provide detailed posture assessments and targeted exercises which support and improve movement range, strength, flexibility, stability in key areas, something which is lost in a larger group class. 

‘Classes are customised, whether that’s balancing meditation techniques into dynamic practices for those with demanding daily routines or integrating restorative and remedial techniques to address health concerns. Context is everything, we very much believe the time our clients give on the mat, should be optimised around how they need to function in everyday life. So our Teaching Team are experts in personalised sequencing, drawing on the essential components to deliver highly responsive classes and a modern 360 approach to the very real benefits of the practice,’ explains Katie. 


If like many of us you have dipped in and out of yoga, chances are you’ve tried various different styles without knowing the main benefits or indeed, differences between them. Likewise you might not have a teacher that really inspires you or makes you want to come back the following week. Private classes simplify this process as teachers can structure the class to each student. 

‘As a boutique agency, our expertise lies in sourcing the top tier teachers who are all specialists in their chosen fields. We work in consultation with our clients to fully understand their requirements to then place them with our most suitable teacher or teachers. The range of expertise in our team means we often curate multi focus class timetables for clients to build a highly customised practice. Our teachers' specialisms include back care, jet lag, stress management, pre and post natal, vitality and meditation alongside all of traditional yoga styles.’ 


Naturally in a larger group class the instructor can’t give you their undivided attention and often we don’t want to call out for help or don’t even know that we haven’t got the correct alignment. In a private class this can be closely monitored so that you can work at a full and safe capacity. 

‘Think less fluff and more specifics, in terms of the tone of the class, the breakdown of posture modifications and the composition of the sequencing. We want our classes to multitask on the most relevant content so you can relax with perfectly pitched, progressive classes,’ explains Katie.


With an instructor paying you more attention and really focusing on your alignment, naturally you can develop at a speed that is right for you. Targeted postures are taught in response to each client’s learning style, so can be quickly integrated ensuring systematic progress from the foundations up. 

‘As individuals our skeletal and muscular structure is unique, as are our postural tendencies and functional movement patterns. Private classes offer scope to identify areas of tightness, strength and stability, and work specifically on finding the optimum balance to improve overall function and performance.’ 

Not that you need another reason to book a private yoga class, but if you did then Yoga Team is offering Listique a 10% discount for your first hour session. Discover more here.