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We know that there is nothing more frustrating than joining a yoga or Pilates class, only to find out that the style of teaching, pace of the class or technique being taught, just isn’t working out for you. With a reputation for excellence, we have chosen Yoga Team because these modern wellbeing experts understand exactly how to target the focus and dynamic of each class to their clients. With Yoga Team by your side, you’ll finally be able to get what you truly want out of your yoga class, and reap the many benefits of this relaxing, refreshing exercise form that will bring some much-needed balance to your busy lifestyle and overall wellness. Additionally, if you have a team that is clearly in need of some loosening up, Yoga Team’s corporate classes could be the perfect solution to boost the productivity, well-being and energy of your employees. Yoga Team offer a 10% discount to Listique Members. Please quote- LISTIQUE 60 Minute Signature Class (delivered to your home at a time of your choosing) £85 (£76.50 for Listique Members)


About Yoga Team

Founded by Katie Sheikh in 2008, Yoga Team was formed upon the basis of tailoring yoga classes to the individual in the comfort of their home or office. Everyone at Yoga Team are wellbeing experts and have been selected for their ability to relate their anatomic and yoga knowledge to the demands of modern living. Not only does Yoga Team deliver creative, engaging yoga classes that are sequenced and scheduled for small groups or for one-on-one, but they also hold corporate classes for teams. These onsite classes are led by top tier teachers and include live booking for employees and attendance trackers, plus feedback reports for HR or Management. All classes feature personalised sequencing, adjustments and detailed alignment.


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