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UNiQ is an entirely new concept, offering Luxury Personal Media that captures and records the lives of extraordinary people. As a global boutique media house, UNiQ creates exceptional quality, documentary-style films that crystallize moments in time – a birthday, wedding, a holiday, or in memoriam of a passed loved one – special memories you consider worthy of artistic record. UNiQ also commissions award-winning writers to write biographies, engages world-class photographers and artists and builds personal branding digital platforms. They can even take you into the metaverse, on your terms, in your time! Reflect your life in Luxury Personal Media.



About UNiQ | Telling your Story in Luxury Personal Media

Imagine if on returning from an amazing holiday, a Netflix-style documentary of the experience awaited you. Your memories captured in filmic style, with artistry, from a leading director. Or the success of your life, written up by a world-famous biographer. How about a photoshoot for an event, with the photographer of the latest Gucci campaign commissioned for you? Perhaps you’re a songwriter. Wouldn’t you love to produce an album in an LA studio with a leading music producer? Or how about your entire property portfolio, in 3D, on your phone?

This is the kind of Luxury Personal Media offered by UNiQ. Incorporated in Geneva Switzerland in 2022, now with a presence in London, UNiQ is the first global brand to bring the world of exceptional production values found in the worlds of film, music, photography, design, publishing and branding directly into the lives of individuals. UNiQ reflects passions, events and adventures, with mementoes that document your life in all its fascinating turns: Telling your Story, and those you love.

Discretion is key to how UNiQ operates. They understand the responsibility that comes in entering the lives of their clients. Their projects are private affairs, enshrined in contracts that ensure discretion, serviced in a way that satisfies each client's personal needs. Every project is 100% bespoke. UNiQ assigns a dedicated team of artists and project managers to your project, planning, communicating, and executing in the finest detail, to a clear schedule, ensuring total client satisfaction. UNIQ offers unparalleled Luxury Personal Media to those who seek the very best and wish to record their lives for posterity. Luxury brands sell beautiful products, but UNiQ offers a mirror to your soul. What could be more beautiful than that?

UNiQ is committed to Telling your Story in Luxury Personal Media.

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