Luxury Personal Media

Extraordinary people lead extraordinary lives, full of events, present and past, worthy of record as mementoes of memories. Yet we all seemingly rely on smartphones, and perhaps the occasional videographer, or photographer, to capture those moments & events.


But what if you could reflect your life in Luxury Personal Media? This is an entirely new concept developed by a Swiss-based company, called UNiQ, now with a presence in London. UNIQ does something, well, very unique: it brings the artistic worlds of film, music, photography, design and digital, including the metaverse, into the lives of individuals. 

UNiQ Founder, Phil Murphy, explains how the concept came about:

“I ran a media agency in Geneva for over a decade and worked with a host of luxury brands, including Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Jaeger LeCoultre. So I understand how a luxury brand and service works. When I first had the idea of UNiQ, it amazed me that no one was offering this – capturing moments and memories in high-end media, to record life stories & legacies and document a well-lived life or as it unfolds. It’s taken two years to bring UNiQ to market, with an exceptional team of international media specialists. And now we’re in London.”


So imagine if… you wanted to tell the story of a successful business life, for example – illustrate your commercial journey and success over decades. UNiQ will make the documentary of that life, bringing, world-class directors and production companies to treat you and your story with the same exacting production values, as if you were famous.

Or imagine commissioning an iconic photographer for a major family event – a wedding, anniversary, or even a special holiday.

If you would like to tell your story in the written word, UNiQ has access to some of the world’s leading biographers.

Or perhaps you have a creative ambition in Music? Then let UNiQ put you in an LA studio with a world-renowned music producer to create your single and album, videos and social media. UNiQ can be whatever you want it to be, uniquely! 

UNiQ also offers personal branding that presents you to the many connections in your life, and can put you in the metaverse – the future of media and the internet – as an early adopter.

There are no templates with UNiQ. Every project is bespoke, drawing on world-class global creatives, project managed with attention to detail, on your terms. 

Let UNiQ Tell Your Story in Luxury Personal Media.

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