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Listique’s Recommendation

We wholeheartedly recognise what you want and expect from a recruiting service. Which is why we are extremely particular with who we choose to list, and also why LJW Recruitment is one of the few to make the cut. Acting with discretion and integrity with their every move, LJW is the leading domestic household staff and management provider. Employing a specialist in-depth and personal approach to discerning private clients, family offices and their environments, we hugely respect how LJW go about business and their ‘quality over quantity’ tactic when it comes to sourcing. With a motto of, ‘we listen, we care, and we deliver’, you can trust that LJW will never leave you in the dark, or on your own with a problem you might happen to face. They will be happy to help you through every step of the recruiting process; from the selection of highly trained and experienced staff, to team composition, retention services, training and development and quality assurance management.


About LJW Recruitment

Founded by one of the UK’s most sought after and recognised recruiters, Lynda J. Weatherhead, LJW Recruitment prioritises bringing together quality candidates and private clients. Along with a range of bespoke specialist and consultancy services, this international commercial and domestic household recruitment service offers permanent, seasonal and short-term staffing solutions for businesses, private households, estates and villas around the world. They also provide protective security and personal safety services, and Executive Personal Assistants for specialist commercial environments and Private and Travelling PA’s and Office Support staff for the needs of family offices. Led by the driving force of Lynda’s extensive, global experience and expertise within the industry, the whole team at LJW form successful, long-term business relationships on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, LJW’s CV writing service is an invaluable tool that will enhance a candidate’s chance of being invited for an interview. "Small but Mighty - specialising in recruiting quality household staff for private estates and houses globally." COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE "Confidential supplier of experienced staff to private homes." THE SUNDAY OBSERVER

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