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Listique’s Recommendation

At Listique, we feel there is something about visiting a bookshop that is lacking in a browse and click on Amazon. Hatchards is a bookshop with heaps of character where the shopping experience is about as far removed as possible from the cold efficiency of online sellers. The bookshop is a warm and charming establishment and on a drizzly London day there are few better places to be than sat on one of its many sofas with a Jane Austen novel.


About Hatchards | Bookstore

Hatchards is officially London’s oldest bookshop. Established in 1797 by a Mr John Hatchard, the bookshop is a landmark on Piccadilly, itself one of the most famous streets in the world. For over 200 years the shop has served the literary, political, artistic and social lions of its day. In the past, the shop had strong ties to Europe’s Royal households. And although many of their former patrons may no longer sit on their thrones, the shop maintains close links with the British Royal Family. The bookshop is one of a select few that hold all three Royal Warrants.

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