Hamish Dewar

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We have heard of a saying among art restorers that it is better to buy a grubby painting. If it has already been fixed up, there is no chance of something remarkable being hidden beneath the dirt. Because of this, dealers flock to buy grubby paintings. Art restorers, like Hamish Dewar, have the skill and experience to reveal what’s hidden under years of dirt and grime. Their expert staff bring paintings to life, returning paintings to their full glory.


About Hamish Dewar

Located in the heart of London, Hamish Dewar have been breathing fresh life into paintings for several decades. They are experts in cleaning and restoring a diverse array of paintings, from historic oil paintings and watercolours to contemporary works of art. In addition to serving many prestigious corporate clients, Hamish Dewar are ‘the’ fine art restorers for art collectors and private families throughout the United Kingdom. Certified experts, they are adept at adapting their restoration methods in accordance with the demands of the painting. Even in an era where specialist scientists can systematically analyse any work of art, the gut reaction of the connoisseurs at Hamish Dewar is even more trustworthy.



0044 (0) 207 930 4004


14 Masons Yard, Duke Street, St James, London SW1Y 6BU

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