Colin Bowles

Listique’s Recommendation

Nothing lasts forever, and that unfortunately includes art and sculptures. As the years go by, accidents happen and decay takes place. Thankfully, skilled conservators like Colin Bowles can extend the life of treasured pieces and keep them looking beautiful for a long time. These art conservationists came to our attention through their reputation alone. We’ve heard that they have left their clients delighted by their expert service time and time again.


About Colin Bowles

Colin Bowles were established 40 years ago and, in the meantime, have built up a broad range of experience. Today, they are a leading provider of mounting, installation and conservation to the fine art and cultural heritage trade. Their expert team look carefully at each piece and believe there is no specific technical solution to a particular problem. Instead, they treat each job as bespoke and apply the highest degree of care and originality. Colin Bowles deliver their leading services to international museums, galleries, auction houses and private collections. For twelve years they have proudly held the Royal Warrant for Mount Makers of Objects and Works of Art and in 2012 they were given task of the complete re-display of Her Majesty’s Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Their workshop is located in South West London, on the border of the London West End.

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