Cadell + Co.

Listique’s Recommendation

Art is an intangible asset with few concrete value-adding characteristics. Although this intangibility perhaps contributes to the magic and allure of art, it unfortunately, places art far outside the ‘comfort zone’ of most lawyers and trustees. This is where Cadell comes in. They are a specialist advisory firm that combine a deep knowledge of art with a focus on providing clear, regulated advice to art investors and their lawyers.


About Cadell + Co.

Founded in 2015, Cadell + Co is the first specialist art advisory firm to be regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Seeing that the emergence of art as a mature mainstream asset had not been matched by the regulatory framework, the founders saw a gap in the market because of the concern around the value of art collections. Today, art forms a significant proportion of some high net worth individuals’ investment portfolios. Cadell focuses on preserving and enhancing the wealth tied up in art portfolios. Furthermore, their FCA approval means that trustees can have total confidence that the firm’s advice is transparent, evidence-based and independent. Cadell delivers value at all stages of the art investment process. They offer a second opinion on proposed transactions and have procedures to maximise success when it comes to selling. In a short time, Cadell has built a strong reputation in a sector where reputability is hard-won.


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