Villas in the sun

At Listique’s recommended sunshine seeking companies, luxury travel is the ticket to an unforgettable holiday. There is nothing but advantages in transferring all the strain of booking a holiday to one of our handpicked agents. These tireless travel experts do all the work so that you save on time and money too. They find the right match to deliver a perfect bespoke holiday. With first-hand knowledge of far flung destinations and the professional capacity to provide personal travel advisers for any desired location, they work on behalf of their clients to guarantee holiday success. 

Villas in the sun: the lowdown

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, Listique is nevertheless aware that everyone deserves a break from the capital city from time to time. Therefore, we have listed the finest providers of luxury vacations, with a focus on villas and yachts in the sun for UHNW families and those who form a bubble to vacation together in times of Covid-19. When money is no object, the main aim is to deliver remarkable vacations in made-to-measure style.

Everything from booking services, accommodation – be it apartment rental, villa rental or yacht charter – flights, transfer, insurance and healthcare cover is delivered by those agents most accustomed to dealing with the super-rich. Listique’s partners leave no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying the needs of ultra-wealthy individuals who seek a perfect getaway. 

Expect bespoke travel services

Upon arrival, guests can expect privileged access to local attractions, with no queues and no crowds. Whilst at their accommodation, valet services, chefs, nannies, children’s entertainers and maids are provided to ensure that the villa feels like a home from home. Our partners work with destinations that parallel paradise, in locations that pamper guests according to their likes and tastes, and that are in tune with trends in personal care, coronavirus sanitation measures and wellness. In essence, throughout their sojourn, the well-heeled travellers bask in sunshine in a congenial environment where every detail is covered.

Expect extreme emphasis on extras 

Once at the villa in the sun, expect impeccable service at all levels. This means that Listique’s recommended travel agent will have provided a brief to the hired multilingual tour guide on the likes and tastes of the holidaymakers booked with them. As well as arranging exclusive passes to local tourist venues, this tour guide also seeks out places of personal interest to the guest: be it a disused steam railway for train spotters, local wildlife destinations for bird spotters or viewing platforms for aircraft spotters, all hobbies and interests are carefully researched. 

Furthermore, traveling in style means wardrobe recommendations have been communicated to the traveller during the planning stages of the holiday. This ensures that luggage has been packed in accordance with the bespoke itinerary. Upon arrival at the luxury villa the maid knows which clothes to lay out for each occasion, providing harmony that rings in tune with lavish expectations. 

Expect luxury travel

Having carried out research on the client’s tastes, specific creature comforts abound from the moment the holidaymaker departs from home until the time they return to roost. Accustomed to living a luxury lifestyle in London, Listique’s members request flawless luxury when travelling too. This is why Listique has chosen only those partners who are clever enough to listen, wise enough to observe, meticulous enough to ask pertinent questions in order to guarantee service beyond the holidaymakers wildest dreams and, perhaps most importantly, enthusiastic enough to tailor make a holiday they are proud to offer to the discerning end customer.  

Expect to be inspired

For those who think they may have been everywhere, there are still some elusive get away destinations that inevitably inspire the most lavish of travellers. In order to be inspired, options must be carefully selected by the travel expert recommended by Listique who listens to and advises their members.

Meticulous holiday planning with our recommended agents makes the sky the limit.

Expect coronavirus protection with the ultimate yacht experience

Sun seeking travellers often opt for an exclusive sailing holiday as their summer break. Listique’s partner The Sun Secret Collection are experts in making bookings for wealthy holidaymakers, with their website proudly stating:

The Sun Secret Collection will find the yacht especially for your adventure, and will tailor around your desires, providing a whole team that will sail with you on a journey into anything that you may dream about. 

Reflecting the change in luxury travel after Covid-19, the demand for yachts is rocketing as they offer increased cleanliness standards and are uniquely hygienic. The yacht becomes a sanctuary where sanitation measures can be strictly maintained for those with pre-existing health conditions, guaranteeing them a perfect break during the global coronavirus travel upheaval. 

Turn to Listique’s partners for ideas, solutions and inspiration. Your next vacation will be a guaranteed success and mentioning LISTIQUE will ensure superior services.