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The Sun Secret Collection is the pinnacle of luxury family travel. They’re taking the Italian art of hosting and living well and creating unique experiences for elite world travellers, because when it comes to your holiday and escaping your everyday life they know that you deserve impeccable service, unique privileges and exceptional experiences. Open 24/7.



About The Sun Secret Collection | Luxury Travel

The Sun Secret Collection is your go to when it comes to booking a family trip like no other. The handpicked team (all of whom have proven experience in the luxury market and villa rental industry) bring your most ambitious travel plans and dreams to life. With 275 destinations and 906 properties to choose from, The Sun Secret Collection can curate the perfect family holiday, catering for all of your needs. From organising your private jet or helicopter charter to introducing you to the ultimate yacht collection and compiling off-the-beaten-path itineraries that bring together adventure, relaxing and entertainment, The Sun Secret Collection excels at creating lifelong memories of truly unique experiences. They also take care of the logistics and finer details such as private transfers, childcare, fabulous amenities and chefs. Knowing that eating isn’t just eating but is an important part of time with your family, an act of love if you will, they have spent the last ten years selecting the best chefs who will be on hand to cook your favourite, dishes, local delicacies or anything else you might desire.

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