Deluxe packaging and transportation companies

At Listique’s recommended companies, attention to detail is key where luxury prevails. Our suppliers are true professionals whose performance and presentation are outstanding. We recommend removals companies with first-hand experience of complex moves, on tight schedules, for important individuals, whose privacy must be protected. Their operational personnel have experience, training, are security vetted and have been appraised. Furthermore, their first-rate vehicles meet and surpass expectations. Our chosen removals companies use suitable packing material, taking great care to make adequate arrangements for priceless possessions. The only subcontractors allowed are those who are compliant with their impeccable standards, usually to fulfil a delicate or tricky technical role requiring expert assistance. Finally, the cutting-edge equipment and training of operatives ensures a standard of precision that cannot fail to impress those clients who entrust their move to them.

Listique-listed removals companies: the lowdown 

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, it can only be expected that the removals companies we list meet the highest expectations when it comes to customer service, world class quality, handling techniques and technical ability. 

Expect dazzling customer service

All of our reputable removals’ companies are trusted by international relocation experts. One-to-one attention is guaranteed, with clients being assigned a Move Consultant who will oversee the whole project. Every single concern and individual demand are dealt with professionally. These removals companies are specialized in transporting art and high value, unusual and unique luxury articles. They know that their biggest asset is the peace of mind they convey to clients who care a great deal for the items being transported. 

Customer satisfaction among our select clients comes from providing a sterling door-to-door transportation service. Working in an upmarket environment where luxurious interiors, original pieces of artwork, antique furniture and valuable statues are the norm, it is understandable that Listique turns to residential moving experts with experience. We are confident that every detail of unhanging, handling, wrapping, crating, mounting, and setting up is in the careful hands of professionals. 

Expect supreme care of handling

Handle with care is not simply a sticker on a crate, when it comes to Listique’s movers, it is a golden rule. There are no euphemisms when it comes to handling art installations; there are no catchphrases for manual handing of priceless items. Care of handling means packing techniques are honed, with each company combining high-tech solutions and unique first-hand skills. Each individual mover uses manual techniques and top of the range processes on a piece by piece basis, assessing the packing demands one by one. 

Our upmarket patrons seek the peace of mind gained from professional packing. When the move includes awkward, delicate and fragile pieces, research demonstrates that Listique’s removals companies are market leaders, with peer recognition as well as accreditation from trade organizations such as BAR (British Association of Removers).

Expect experts in art hanging and installation 

In-depth knowledge of technical aspects required in disassembling, crating, transporting and eventually installing and hanging pieces of art are all at the fingertips of our professionals. These highly specialized skills are offered among the handyman services that these selected removals companies provide. The art of fine moving is the motto of one of our presidential partners, a formula which works particularly well when transporting art installations. Interior designers, international moving consultants, art galleries, museums and National Trust property managers praise the expertise of our removals companies as they undertake complex transportation projects with confidence. 

Expect comprehensive insurance 

All methods of residential moving require bespoke insurance policies for those who gravitate towards Listique for trusted service providers. Working with the best insurers, our recommended removals companies negotiate contracts that complement all home insurance policies that are already in place. Unique items are listed one by one, their value clearly stated and thus covered in the unlikely event of mishap.

Insurance and liability are determined at every juncture of the moving process. As well as the declaration of the total value of the items being handled, paperwork proving the basis of valuation is meticulously stored. A watertight final agreement of the extent of liability in the event of loss or damage is signed. Confident that all areas are covered, these contracts are nevertheless independently assessed by insurance brokers before being formalized. 

Expect teamwork and leadership

The Move Consultant will provide the client with a Briefing document for the day itself. As a client, the role is passive observation of a sleek transportation operation taking place beneath their watchful eyes. Health and Safety checks are carried out before and throughout the move. Floors, walls, doorways and driveways are securely protected. The requested municipal licences are duly displayed. There is careful and meticulous organization of boxes in preparation for loading. Likewise, there is a planned unpacking which ensures the smooth transfer of belongings from one luxury space to another. 

Listique is proud to list companies who have won awards for teamwork and that boast professional standards of excellence. We are delighted to include expert national and international moving tradesmen within this exclusive list of presidential partners for removal and installation. In this sector safety is paramount, and it is something that these professionals excel at. This prize leadership emanates confidence and style. We sincerely believe that this elite group of deluxe removals companies deserve all the recognition that they receive.