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Castrum Global is more than just a packing and handling company, to them, moving is much more of an art. Working to remove any hassle for their clients, they bring together the most up to date technology with tried and trusted packaging and handling techniques. However it’s their impeccable service, methodical approach, discretion and understanding of every client that secures their recommendation from Listique. Read the Article: The Art of Transportation: Listique Interviews Castrum Global's Jamie Turner (Link in contacts below)


About Castrum Global UK | Removals

Castrum Global serves the interior design and architectural industries by offering a number of services designed to make life easier when it comes to packing, storage, transportation and installation. When packing they use both state of the art technology and also trusted methods to ensure that items are kept in perfect condition because sometimes paper and carton will suffice and sometimes it certainly will not. If you need an item transported anywhere in the world, Castrum Global is able to, with the help of an international network made up of experienced and leading agents who can ensure the safe arrival and installation of your goods. Perhaps you need help installing lights, hanging frames, placing furniture or accent pieces, Castrum Global can do all of this, irrespective of demands and they provide a comprehensive insurance package to cover any untimely eventualities. The company also offers safe and discreet storage facilities. Working closely with every client to understand their specific needs and requests, Castrum Global leads the way when it comes to moving.

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