The Listique Slack Forum: A Helping Hand for Everyone

By Elizabeth Greatrex

We more than anyone recognise that working as a PA, EA, House Manager, Butler, Chef, Housekeeper, Driver or Nanny can be extremely rewarding. A fantastic salary, lots of opportunity for personal development, and often the chance for a lifelong career with a wonderful family who are grateful for the help in their home. That being said, we’re not blind to the days aren’t so great. The days where you feel like getting through your shift is equal to running a marathon, or the days when you feel like you don’t have anyone to turn to or ask for advice. Being in private service can be fulfilling, yes, however it can also be a lonely, isolating job. We know that you have faced times where you have been expected to make the impossible, possible. And fast. Or when you have felt stretched in too many directions. Or occasions when you simply don’t know the answer, even though it is your job to find out. Equally, we also know that running your own business, however freeing and rewarding, can be just as stressful. In the overly competitive market of luxury products and services, we understand that the fight for your business to stay relevant and on the lips of the right people can be challenging.

It’s very clear that private staff need a little support, some fresh ideas, and some other likeminded people to bounce off of. Likewise, businesses need to feel reassured that they are being seen and heard and communicating with their target customer on a regular basis. If this sounds all too familiar in some shape or form, then the Listique Slack forum will be the new favourite app on your phone. The Listique Slack forum is a communication hub that was created to give Listique Partners and Members a place to chat and exchange useful ideas. When it comes to the luxury sector, it is the place where everyone can network and find the answer that they are looking for without delay.

If you are unsure on the difference between Partners and Members, here is a little reminder: Members are made up of staff that work in the Private Households of High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in London or across the globe. As mentioned earlier, these are people employed in the position of a EA, PA, House Manager, Butler, Chef, Housekeeper, Driver or Nanny. Partners are the approved suppliers, businesses, specialists, professionals or artisans who provide services to the High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and their private households in London. The Listique Slack forum give Members a chance to chat to their counterparts and to high-end suppliers through a convenient, quick line of communication where they can ask for and exchange the best tips, tricks, advice and recommendations without the need to desperately scour the internet for answers. Equally, it gives Listique Partners, a wonderful way to communicate directly with their target customer and sell their high-end product or service to more people, as members will often ask for a service that will be the exact description of a Partner’s product or service.

Members and Partners won’t have to bother introducing exactly what they are looking for or the field they are talking about, as there are subject-specific channel boxes which gives everyone a great shortcut. For example, art, holidays, gifts or event-parties.

It’s really as simple as this:

Does your principle want his cockapoo, that has been rolling around in the mud, to be beautifully clean and trim in the next hour? Or would your Pet Parlour business benefit from the regular interest from an Ultra High Net Worth Individual that needs his dog cleaned without delay? The Listique Slack Forum is where useful exchanges like this, happen every single day.

Members and Partners alike, whatever your query or interest, your best bet is turning to your friends on the Listique Slack forum. It’s free to join and takes five minutes to complete the application form. Moreover, you can feel safe in the knowledge that everyone on Slack has already been thoroughly researched and vetted by us here at Listique.