The Listique Slack Forum

What is Slack?

We have created a slack forum for Listique which is available to Partners and Members.  

Slack is a free private online forum for suppliers and staff of High and Ultra High Net-Worth Households in London.

Who are the Members and Partners?

Members are the staff that work in the Private Households or offices of High and Ultra High Net worth Individuals in London or around the world. For example, PA’s EA’s, House Managers, Butlers, Chefs, Housekeepers, Drivers, Nannies etc.

If you would like to apply to be a member of Listique please click here.

Partners are the approved suppliers, specialists, businesses, artisans or professionals who provide products and or services to the High and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and their private households in London. Listique carefully selects its Partner through a comprehensive vetting process. There is an annual partnership fee which is great value and we are currently offering amazing deals for January and February.

If you would like to apply to be an approved Listique partner please click here.

How does the Slack forum work?

Members can chat directly with Partners on subject-specific channels e.g. #art, #gifts, #holidays #events-parties etc or privately to other members in the #members-general, #members-pa-ea, etc.

These channels are to help save time and energy by focusing the communication. It is also a great way to get free tips, tricks, advice and recommendations from your counterparts and/or Listique Partners.  

Members will be sent a link for them to join Slack, whereas Partners go through a vetting process first and, once they have been approved and have paid for their chosen partnership package, will also be sent a link to join.

What are the benefits for Members by joining the Listique Slack forum?

  • Its free for members to join, they just have to complete an application form, which takes 5 minutes
  • It makes hunting for the most desirable new products and exclusive services for your boss simple and fast. Listique has done all the hard work, the research and vetting, so that you don’t have to.
  • It makes members jobs easier by giving them the ability to communicate and network with their counterparts and high-end suppliers through the forum. They can get answers from other staff or a relevant company that can save the day!
  • It is not just for Londoners. Members can be staff from London, or anywhere in the world that want to join to access the very best of London.

Joining Listique gives you access to:

  • Exclusive offers and discounts for you and your principal
  • Free entry to Listique competitions with great prizes
  • Monthly newsletters which provide industry news, partner updates, and much more
  • Networking events throughout the year
  • Purchase tickets to exclusive events for your and your principal without having to pay concierge subscription fees


What are some of the benefits of becoming a Listique Partner?

  • It’s great value!  
  • Businesses will be able to showcase their products and services to the niche audience of London’s wealthiest households.
  • Businesses will be able to communicate directly with their target customer through the Slack Forum and when a Member asks for help your company’s product or service could be the perfect solution.
  • Listique will promote new Partners on their Social Media Channels, Monthly newsletters, and depending on the package taken write a piece of editorial on the business for Listique’s online Magazine.