Ten Trinity Square


Listique’s Recommendation

In members clubs, a truly timeless design is essential because it is a key determiner of its overall atmosphere, an atmosphere that will pervade long into the future. At Ten Trinity Square, Bruno Moinard has more than delivered. His careful design gives the club a gentle yet distinct ambience throughout - an ambience that will endure. Over the whole building, the club has an open and airy feel to it due to its soft furnishings and natural light. This makes it ideal for those who want to find some breathing space over an exquisite vintage. Ten Trinity Square has a vivid atmosphere and strong personal touch, making it an unforgettable place.


About Ten Trinity Square

Ten Trinity Square is a private members club in the heart of the City, perfect for the modern wine connoisseur. The club is a collaboration between Four Seasons, Château Latour and the Reignwood Group; whose chairman Chanchai Ruayrungruang is a noted Latour aficionado. Their expertly curated wine list favours traditional French regions, but has a good balance of renowned winemakers and lesser-known gems. They also stock a smattering of fine German whites and some strong reds from Italy and Spain. The club is housed in the Four Seasons hotel.


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