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As self-confessed wine enthusiasts, we believe that if one wants to have access to exquisite wine, it shouldn’t be difficult. Club Magnum’s mission doesn’t just address the needs of wine lovers, giving them access to rare wines with impeccable provenance, it equally benefits homeowners, giving them a greater reward for their efforts. Club Magnum’s idea is ingenious, members and winemakers alike will benefit from this brilliant brand, and if you’re a fellow wine lover, so will you.


About Mosimann's

Club Magnum is the brainchild of Mike Laing, a French company that will debut in 2019. The brand aims to say goodbye to the complicated distribution of wine, making it easy for those who wish to access the most prestigious of wines. At first, all wines will be from Burgandy, and as time goes on and the supply grows, wine producers in regions such as France, Europe and the New World will be introduced. Members will enjoy exclusive perks, including enjoying Club Magnum’s dinner programme. Club Magnum’s dinner programme will create a place of community for wine lovers, giving these individuals a rare opportunity to get to know one another, share their experiences and most of all enjoy a bottle of fine wine.



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