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It’s one of life’s simplest pleasures, but there’s something about eating really, great fresh bread that you just can’t beat. Luckily for us, French bakery, Maison Poilâne has a site on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia, where, six days a week, they sell high-quality breads, pastries and biscuits made from diverse, carefully selected stone-ground grains from France.


About Maison Poilâne | Bakery

Parisian bakery, Maison Poilâne, was founded in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne and three generations later the bakery is still driven by the same belief and purpose: eating and living well by offering high-quality breads, pastries and biscuits made from stone-ground grains and slow fermentation techniques. Poilane is now run by Apollania Poilane, Pierre's granddaughter. Poilâne bakers use their senses and skills, rather than mechanical tools, to create their breads. In fact, the only mechanical tool they use is the kneading machine. Every loaf is cooked in a wood-fired oven, using recycled wood, a method of baking which allows the aromas of the flours to be released. The result is consistently high-quality breads, where every batch is different but each with that unparalleled Poilâne taste. Each day the bakers bake the likes of their signature, Poilâne ® sourdough loaf, rye bread (which they recommend to eat with oysters, seafood, fish or smoked meats), small butter cookies - Les Punitions ® and brioche. Alongside their breads and pastries they also sell home goods and accessories to elevate your dining experience.

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