Halcyon Days


Listique’s Recommendation

At Listique, we hold tradition in high regard. As companies increasingly abandon older techniques for the cheapest and fastest processes, those who remain true to their craft become all the more admirable. Key to the revival of copper enamelling, Halycon Days are true vanguards of a traditional craft, who make stunning plates, boxes and other enamel products. As well as ensuring that centuries of knowledge are passed down to the next generation, Halycon Days produce stunning designs.


About Halcyon Days

Halycon Days began in 1950 as a small emporium of antique gifts on Avery Row, Mayfair. The firm set about reviving age old copper enamelling techniques, which were on the verge of being lost to the history books. The company used old techniques to create vibrant and fresh products, creating plates, fashion accessories and boxes rich with character. Before The Queen Mother’s death, Halycon Days was one of the only companies to hold all four royal warrants. Today, the company is among only 14 companies that hold all three warrants. The Royal Family have long been patrons of Halycon Days. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh presented President Gerald Ford with a special Halycon Days box on an official visit in 1976. The business has also collaborated with The National Gallery, Blenheim Palace, Smithsonian Institution and Tate Gallery over the years. Now located in The Royal Exchange, the firm continue to sell the finest enamels and jewelry.


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