Eight Club


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Eight Clubs are a pair of breathtaking private members clubs at different locations in London. The overarching philosophy of the clubs is to blend the exclusive nature of a classic private club with an environment friendly for work. The results speak for themselves. Both venues have an ambience that will surely impress any guests you invite. Put simply, they exude sharpness and class. Both are perfect for a range of occasions, be it a quick lunch, an indulgent dinner or something more festive. They both deliver a high quality, distinguished level of service.


About Eight Club

A hidden gem in the heart of the City, the 9000 sq.ft. Moorgate Club is adjacent to Finsbury Square and just minutes from Liverpool Street Station. At the Quartier Restaurant, Head Chef Daniel Cunin balances classic European dishes with a touch of modern innovation. Head out onto either of the two terraces for an after dinner drink where you will find truly breathtaking views across the City. The Moorgate Club’s sister venue, Bank, is situated opposite the Royal Exchange in the historic Change Alley building. Serene by day and lively by night, the club is the perfect place to do business in the day and celebrate your success afterwards.


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