Listique’s Recommendation

We know of few luxury retailers with a reputation that matches Asprey’s. Their famous Bond Street store is a must see London destination where royalty, heads of state and important actors on the world stage have been gift-buying for over two centuries. They sell and produce jewellery, leather, silver and other luxury goods, which are of a quality few other retailers can match. We recommend Asprey to individuals who appreciate life’s finer things.


About Asprey

Asprey was founded in 1781 by a Mr William Asprey. Advertising ‘articles of exclusive design and high quality’, the retailers soon became an essential port of call for London’s discerned upper classes. The shop received its first Royal Warrant in 1862 and was fundamental in bringing the Art Deco style to London in the 1920s. Today, the luxury lifestyle brand remains at the heart of London’s premier retail scene. The store stocks a broad assortment of goods, encompassing jewellery, leather products, accessories, silver, watches, clocks, first edition leather bound books, china, crystal, games, silk and accessories. Asprey produces some of the world’s finest jewelry, watches, silver, china and crystal. Each piece is distinguished by its unique style, unsurpassed quality and innovative design. Asprey accept bespoke commissions, no matter how pioneering, befitting the Asprey motto “It can be done”. Over the centuries Asprey has constructed a heritage which will endure far into the future. They have held numerous Royal Warrants, most recently from the Prince of Wales.


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