Home Tech Providers for Elite Clients

Working closely with UHNW individuals to transform their homes into #smarthomes and make them future proofed, Listique’s recommended home tech providers are skilled suppliers to the gentry and elite of London. Luxury home automation allows for the perfect balance between connectedness and – ever more importantly - elective disconnection for special moments of digital detox.

Listique-listed home tech providers: the lowdown 

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, Listique has hand-picked the top tech partners of the capital city for this directory. Our recommended presidential partners follow trends within the sector, are highly skilled professionals and thus allow clients the benefits of state-of-the-art technology solutions without having to ‘up skill’ themselves to make them work in their own homes.

Never has it been easier to enjoy the full range of integrated systems available for all upmarket smart homes. Looking for a tech partner to assist with voice recognition gadgets? Let our consultants advise on Google Home, Alexa, Nest and similar. Not sure which streaming media best suits diverse family tastes and combines with the home cinema set up? Talk to Listique’s home tech providers to get ideas and solutions. Likewise, clients that are unable to decide which wireless Sonos sound system suits their needs receive suggestions from professionals who are used to dealing with sprawling households.

Expect a long-term pledge 

Listique’s home tech partners have built up a sterling reputation based upon referrals. They have been vetted and are used to being compared to other integrators by clients keen to find the right professional. Listique guarantees that our clients will feel very comfortable with the experts in our directory. These consultants enter into a long-term pledge with clients to serve their IT and smart home requirements over extended periods. They carry out lifecycle management, thus ensuring that installations are maintained, and software updated in a timely fashion.

Expect award winning solutions

In the words of one of our partners, DJM Tech: “Yesterday we helped a client who wanted to watch and control Sky Q from their outbuilding/gym with just a single coax running from the main house. This was all possible using the Technomate TM-RF HD IR. Giving you the same “Video and IR over coax” functionality as Sky+HD, but with Sky Q”. Who wouldn’t put their home tech in the hands of a technology consultant of that calibre?

Listique’s recommended suppliers keep abreast of innovative home tech products, keeping an eye on TechHome Brilliance Award winners, following the annual CEDIA Awards, attending tech summits and participating in industry-specific webinars. Keynote speakers at hubs, boot camps and research & development institutes, our home tech suppliers offer both AV/IT Consultancy and on-site installation programs.

Expect connected devices

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), speech recognition is being used to control home automation, meaning that home appliances can be controlled through the internet via voice technology. A partner commented on a recent upmarket home automation refit that they carried out in a two-bedroom apartment overlooking Green Park in which they installed a Nuki door entrance system, combined with multi-room audio by Sonos with Amina speakers. It is possible, they promise, to keep things simple and have one Sonos NEEO remote streamed content and connected gadgets.

Expect timely advice

The speed at which new technology hits the scene means that discerning clients are increasingly relying on professionals to anticipate the latest requirements for the modern home they live in. Listique offers the top London-based consultants for high-tech home audio visual and streaming partners. Trust Listique to recommend the Rolls Royce of home technology end-to-end solutions and aftercare, with our providers also ensuring continued one-to-one support when software updates come along.

Expect an intelligent home

Intelligent technology enhances all dream homes. Listique’s clients relish in the simple delight of multi-room audio, where on-demand music plays through high fidelity audio loudspeakers via app control or voice recognition technology. Home entertainment systems to suit individual homes guarantees a whole new level of relaxation.

Smart homes bathe in smart lighting which changes colours, is capable of setting scenes and above all is intrinsically environmentally friendly. Lights can be controlled from an app that permits whole-house control, allowing lights to be switched on and off remotely. When it comes to natural light, smart homes have automated blinds and shutters that serve multiple purposes by improving privacy and yet also keep the property cooler.

Expect cybersecurity

The term ‘Cybersecurity’ takes on two meanings in home automation. Traditionally, cybersecurity in home tech provides protection from the dangers of hacking, phising, spams, malware and system failure. Our recommended providers can be trusted to take these issues seriously, ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity is delivered to individual clients.

However, cybersecurity in the home also refers to protection provided by connected home alarms. Although the ability to monitor security alarms via a smartphone is known as a win-win for homeowner and home security provider, nevertheless clients now request sophisticated home security systems that cannot be breached by criminals. Cybercrime burglars find weaknesses in any IoT connected security system within a high-net worth home to compromise it and carry out thefts. Listique’s home tech suppliers are consultants with in-depth experience of home security providers, thus supplying the most suitable solution to individual customers.

Expect professional recognition 

The skilled technical staff working in this field of digital engineering that encompasses audio, visual, streaming and smart technology all adhere to the highest standards of professional competence. Registered science technicians affiliated with the Institute of Science & Technology, The Security Institute or Tech UK, Listique’s recommended suppliers are passionate about their careers.

What’s more… our suppliers do ad hoc installations too!

Contact Listique for details of partners specializing in intelligent music systems for yachts, private parties at far flung destinations and corporate events. Listique partners are known to jet over to the Maldives and provide 1-month temporary ETO/AVIT cover to a 74m superyacht, for example. Furthermore, the niche area of remote AV/IT services is also covered by the best team that London has to offer. First class solutions are provided for ambitious clients whose imagination knows no limits. Mention Listique for preferential treatment.