30 July - 13 August 23

Talacrest PoW Championship

The Talacrest Prince of Wales's Championship Cup is an annual polo tournament held at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, England. The event is usually held in July and is one of the most prestigious polo tournaments in the world. The tournament features some of the world's top polo teams, competing for the coveted Prince of Wales's Championship Cup. The teams are made up of four players each, and matches are played over four chukkas (periods of play), with each chukka lasting seven minutes.

The Guards Polo Club is a renowned venue for polo, with a long history dating back to 1955. The club has hosted many international polo tournaments and is known for its high-quality facilities and excellent standards of play. In addition to the polo matches, the Talacrest Prince of Wales's Championship Cup also includes a range of social events, such as champagne receptions and gala dinners. The event is attended by high-profile guests, including members of the British royal family, and is considered one of the highlights of the British social calendar.

The Talacrest Prince of Wales's Championship Cup is a celebration of the sport of polo and the traditions of the British social elite. It provides an opportunity for polo fans and socialites alike to enjoy a day of world-class sport and entertainment in a stunning setting.

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30 July - 13 August '23