26 April - 01 May 23

Speyside Whisky Festival

The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is an annual celebration of Scotland's national drink, whisky, which takes place in Speyside, the heart of Scotland's whisky industry. The festival has been running since 1999 and is now one of the largest whisky festivals in the world, attracting visitors from all over the globe. It takes place over five days and features a range of whisky-related events, including tastings, distillery tours, and masterclasses led by industry experts. Visitors have the opportunity to sample some of the world's finest single malts and blends, including some rare and exclusive drams that are not available elsewhere.

Aside from the whisky-related events, the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival also offers a range of entertainment and activities, including live music performances, food and drink stalls, and guided walks through the beautiful Speyside countryside. One of the unique features of the festival is its emphasis on community. The festival is organized and run by a team of volunteers, and it aims to showcase the unique character and culture of Speyside, as well as the exceptional quality of its whisky. The festival also supports local businesses and charities, making it an important event for the local community.

The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is a must-attend event for whisky enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in Scotland's rich cultural heritage. It is a celebration of the unique character and quality of Speyside whisky, as well as the beauty of the Scottish countryside and the warmth of its people.

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26 April - 01 May '23