11 May - 14 May 23

Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show is an annual equestrian event that takes place in the private grounds of Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. It has been held annually since 1943 and is one of the largest outdoor horse shows in the country. The show features a wide variety of equestrian competitions, including show jumping, dressage, and carriage driving. It also includes displays of horsemanship, such as the Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry and the DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games.

In addition to the equestrian competitions, the Royal Windsor Horse Show also features a shopping village with over 200 stands selling a range of equestrian and country goods. There are also food and drink stalls, a children's area, and a dedicated area for classic cars. The show attracts visitors from around the world and is a popular event for members of the British royal family.

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11 May - 14 May '23