24 May - 26 May 24

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious and iconic events in the world of motorsports. It is a Formula One race that takes place annually on the streets of Monte Carlo, Monaco. The race is known for its glamour, prestige, and challenging track, which winds through the narrow streets of the city and around the famous harbor.

The first Monaco Grand Prix was held in 1929, and since then, it has become one of the most important races on the Formula One calendar. The race is a highlight of the racing season, and many drivers consider winning the Monaco Grand Prix to be the ultimate achievement in their careers.

One of the unique aspects of the Monaco Grand Prix is the track itself. The track is only 3.3 kilometers long, making it the shortest track on the Formula One calendar. It features tight turns, narrow streets, and steep inclines, making it one of the most challenging tracks for drivers to navigate. The track also winds through some of the most iconic landmarks of Monte Carlo, including the Monte Carlo Casino and the famous harbor.

The Monaco Grand Prix is also known for its glamour and prestige. It attracts a high-profile audience, including celebrities, politicians, and business leaders. The race is often attended by members of the royal family of Monaco, adding to the event's glamour and prestige.

In addition to the race itself, the Monaco Grand Prix also features a range of events and activities. These include concerts, fashion shows, and yacht parties, making it a hub of luxury and entertainment.

The Monaco Grand Prix is an iconic event that celebrates the best of motorsports and the glamour and prestige of Monte Carlo. It is a must-watch event for racing fans around the world, and a highlight of the Formula One calendar.

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24 May - 26 May '24