23 April 23

London Marathon

The London Marathon is an annual long-distance running event held in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the six World Marathon Majors, along with the Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City marathons. The first London Marathon was held on March 29, 1981, and since then it has become one of the most popular marathons in the world. The race attracts over 40,000 runners from around the globe. The course begins in Greenwich, crosses the River Thames, and passes some of London's most famous landmarks, including the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Buckingham Palace, before finishing on The Mall.

It is known for its enthusiastic crowds and charity fundraising efforts. Many of the runners use the event as an opportunity to raise money for various charitable causes, and the event has raised over £1 billion for charity since its inception. In addition to the main marathon event, the London Marathon also includes wheelchair races, as well as mini-marathons for young runners. The race is televised live on television and online, and attracts millions of viewers from around the world.

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23 April '23