17 June 23

Jane Austen Festival Summer Ball

The Jane Austen Festival Summer Ball is an annual event that celebrates the life and work of the iconic English author, Jane Austen. Taking place on Saturday 17th June 2023, the ball is a highlight of the festival's program, offering guests a chance to step back in time and experience the elegance and romance of Austen's world.

The ball takes place in the beautiful setting of the Assembly Rooms in Bath, England, a venue that Austen herself would have been familiar with. The grand ballroom is decorated in traditional Georgian style, with candlelight, chandeliers, and period costumes creating a magical atmosphere.

Guests are invited to dress up in their finest Regency-era attire, with period costumes available to rent for those who do not have their own. The ball features live music from a period orchestra, with dancing instruction provided for those who are unfamiliar with the steps.

In addition to the dancing, guests can enjoy a range of refreshments, including traditional Georgian-era snacks and beverages. The ball also features a number of performances and other entertainments, including readings from Austen's works and performances by costumed actors.

The Jane Austen Festival Summer Ball is a unique and enchanting event, offering a chance to experience the elegance and romance of Austen's world. Whether you are a devoted Austen fan or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable evening out, the Summer Ball is not to be missed.

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17 June '23