25 October - 03 November 24

Dark Skies Fringe Festival

The Dark Skies Fringe Festival is an annual event that takes place in Northumberland, United Kingdom. The festival celebrates the region's natural beauty and the importance of preserving dark skies, which are essential for stargazing and astronomy. It features a variety of events and activities, including talks and presentations by experts in astronomy, music and art performances, stargazing sessions, and guided walks and hikes through the beautiful Northumberland countryside. It is a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the wonder of the night sky in a natural and unspoiled environment. The festival aims to raise awareness of the impact of light pollution on our environment and to promote the importance of protecting dark skies for future generations. The event also supports the local economy by bringing in visitors and encouraging them to explore the natural beauty of Northumberland. It provides an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services, and for visitors to learn about the region's rich cultural and natural heritage.

The festival is a unique and inspiring event that celebrates the beauty of the night sky and promotes the importance of preserving dark skies for future generations. It offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors, and provides an opportunity to connect with nature and explore the wonders of the universe.

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25 October - 03 November '24