14 July - 09 September 23

BBC Proms

The BBC Proms, short for Promenade Concerts, is an annual classical music festival that takes place in London, United Kingdom. It is organized by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and has been held every summer since 1895. The festival consists of a series of concerts featuring orchestras, soloists, and choirs from around the world, performing a wide variety of classical music. The concerts take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, as well as in other venues around the city.

One of the unique features of the Proms is the tradition of Promming, where audience members can purchase standing tickets for a reduced price and stand in designated areas of the hall during the concert. This allows for a more informal and accessible atmosphere, as well as the opportunity for audience members to move around the hall and experience the music from different perspectives. The Proms also includes a range of other events, such as talks, workshops, and family concerts, aimed at engaging a wider audience with classical music.

The festival usually runs from mid-July to mid-September, with the final concert, known as the Last Night of the Proms, being a particularly popular event. This concert features patriotic songs and traditional British music, as well as the iconic performance of "Land of Hope and Glory" and "Rule, Britannia!" by the soloists and audience members.

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14 July - 09 September '23