21 April - 08 September 24

Badminton House Open Gardens

Every year, visitors have the opportunity to explore the picturesque gardens of Badminton House, the historic residence of the Duke of Beaufort located in South Gloucestershire, England, through the Badminton House Open Gardens event. The event is set to take place on April 21, June 16, and September 8 this year.

The Open Gardens event allows visitors to wander through the formal gardens, which feature a variety of terraces, lawns, and decorative elements. Visitors can also discover the extensive parkland and woodland surrounding the house, which includes miles of walking trails.

Badminton House's gardens are known for their diversity and magnificence, showcasing a collection of plants and flowers like roses, lavender, and hydrangeas, along with several remarkable sculptures and fountains displayed throughout the gardens. In addition to garden tours, the Open Gardens event offers a variety of other activities such as plant sales, garden talks, and guided tours of the house itself.

Garden enthusiasts and those intrigued by the Duke of Beaufort's history and estate are sure to find this event immensely popular.

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21 April - 08 September '24