15 June - 18 June 23

Art Basel

Art Basel in Basel is the original and flagship edition of the Art Basel art fair, and is held annually in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the world's most prestigious and influential art fairs, and is widely regarded as a leader in the contemporary art market. The fair was first launched in 1970, and has since grown to become a major event in the international art world. Each year, over 90,000 visitors from around the world attend the fair, including art collectors, museum directors, curators, and art enthusiasts.

It features galleries from around the world that exhibit a wide range of contemporary and modern art, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and videos. The fair is known for its rigorous selection process, and only the world's top galleries are invited to participate. In addition to the main exhibition halls, Art Basel in Basel features a range of special exhibitions, curated projects, talks, and other events, aimed at engaging visitors and promoting dialogue around contemporary art.

Art Basel in Basel has become a key event in the global art market, and has helped to shape the direction of contemporary art in the 21st century. It is widely regarded as a must-attend event for anyone interested in the contemporary art world, and has become an essential platform for discovering new artists, buying and selling artwork, and networking with other industry professionals.

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15 June - 18 June '23