Zone Creations

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Listique’s Recommendation

At Listique, a company that provides design, fabrication and more certainly gets our seal of approval. Zone Creations is a lead fabricator, and holder of a Royal Warrant, who design and manufacture products from everyday light switches to unique one-off pieces. Working on a number of projects that provide high end furniture in a private setting to store design and packaging for events, Zone Creations is equipped with highly trained staff and a senior management team with an extensive knowledge in design. It is the combination of their knowledge and specialist skills that gives us the in depth understanding and appreciation for product design.


About Zone Creations

Zone Creations was founded in 1999 and in just a couple of decades has a factory and workshop home to 40 makers in London. The dynamic company builds a close rapport with clients and encourages a mutualistic relationship between client and company, from design down to the materials, to provide an outstanding service. Virtual and physical prototypes are part of the 6 Step Process (6SP) which Zone Creations prides itself on, allowing the client to witness each stage whilst tailoring each project according to the client’s desires. This process presents the client with an exact miniature replica of the final piece before production takes place. The principle ethos of the fabricators is quality and client satisfaction, placing the individual at the heart of the whole process, letting them lead whilst the team members interject with the expertise knowledge and advice. As specialists in the use of Acrylic, the company has been awarded ‘Perspex Approved Fabricator’ status, making them one of only a few recommended companies in the UK. Zone Creations work in many different materials, using hand tools and state-of-the-art machinery, which the client can see for themselves, often gaining inspiration for their own products.

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