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We all want to dress our house in fabrics to impress, so look no further than Zimmer and Rohde. The German-born textile manufacturers immediately caught our eye with their modern take on a classic print and opened us up to the fascinatingly versatile world of textiles. We all have our different preferences on interior design and décor, so if you are looking for a space that reflects a design similar to that of the Italian renaissance or you would prefer the American rural combination of luxury and homely, Zimmer and Rohde have got you covered.



About Zimmer + Rohde

Dating back over four generations, Zimmer and Rohde is a family-run high-class textile manufacturer. Their fabrics, furniture, accessories and wallcoverings all have the same aim of reflecting ‘timeless elegance’ to create an atmosphere in the home tailored to the aesthetic flair of the individual whether it be as bold as the belle epoque or as minimalist as the 1950s. Whatever fabric of item one chooses, Zimmer and Rohde provide a manual on how best to preserve the beauty and character of the design. This preservation is of the utmost importance and at the forefront of the Zimmer and Rohde philosophy. The fabrics are categorised, alphabetised and explained in-depth, they leave no stone unturned in the world of textiles leaving the individual able to sprout a lifetime of fabric knowledge. Zimmer and Rohde do not stop there, providing you with all the information, they go the extra mile with fashion ideas, which prints work well and with what items, giving the buyer the opportunity to see the textile design fleshed out. Working with materials that are designed to appeal to both the eyes and ears, Zimmer and Rohde’s selection of ‘Acoustic fabrics’ reduce undesirable sounds and amplify the pleasant acoustics by converting the wave energy in the material into thermal energy, giving the ultimate audio-visual experience. With retail stores from Ireland across to Italy, Zimmer and Rohde have made their creative mark as not only as international interior designers but as artists and scientists too.



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