Yacht Charter Fleet


Listique’s Recommendation

No one does hedonism like Yacht Charter Fleet. This company know how to provide their clients with what they want: privacy, luxury, freedom and flexibility all in one place. YCF allows you to feel completely free to indulge in everything you’ve ever wanted. Their luxury yachts provide lavish accommodation, unbelievable views to wake up to, a huge range of exciting activities to indulge in, and a delicious choice of foods to devour. Even the best five star hotel in the world cannot offer what Yacht Charter Fleet do, as they have 24 hour service, plus amenities on board such as a movie theatre, a gym, a beach club, a Jacuzzi and a spa, all from the tranquil setting of the middle of the ocean.


About Yacht Charter Fleet

Yacht Charter Fleet is the world’s leading independent luxury yacht charter guide, attracting up to 600,000 visits per month. They provide corporate yacht charters and private crewed yachting vacations. Yacht Charter Fleet have a selection of 3080 yachts, including models such as the Nautilus which is 240 ft, from $749,000 per week, and the Titania which is 240 ft from $490,000 per week. The company pride themselves on empowering customers, helping them make an informed choice as to what yacht they want to charter.

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