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Design is about choice, which is why we love V V Rouleaux’s gorgeous selection of textile trimmings. Uncompromising on quality, their luxury ribbons, feathers, pom poms, and more are all available in 100 perfect colours. There is truly something for everyone; even if you’re not a seasoned sewist, you can attend craft workshops hosted in their London creative den! We can clearly see why for 3 decades, V V Rouleaux has been the destination for designers, decorators, and lovers of craft.


About VV Rouleux | Ribbons & Trimmings

Founded in 1990, V V Rouleaux has been providing couture textile trimmings for 30 years. A modern Haberdashers, they were founded on the belief that ‘’there are no barriers between fashion and decorating, home and catwalk.’’. This unbounded approach has led to a dazzling stock of delightful bits and bobs for any project. From tangerine to teal, you’ll find the detailing needed to elevate your designs. Their website is not just a marketplace, but a resource for designers with plenty of inspiration. Featured in countless publications, and stocked in John Lewis, they are a household name for anyone in need of extra detail to elevate their designs. V V Rouleaux has all the trimmings; you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for, whether you need to wrap a gift, spruce up the curtains, or match your hair ribbon to your dog!

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