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VIP Coaching and Mentoring is uniquely able to offer teenagers and young adults the skills so vital for a happy and successful life. With over thirteen years’ experience working with teenagers and young adults from all backgrounds Kevin Gallagher is uniquely able to offer teenagers and young adults coaching and mentoring in the skills so vital for a happy and successful life. Kevin can tailor a programme to each individual's needs in such diverse subjects as financial budgeting, confidence in social and interview situations, right through to cooking, basic car maintenance and life skills. Each individually designed programme – from three to eighteen months – will provide the young person with skills to fit alongside their academic studies and help them to become confident and well-rounded members of society.



About VIP Coaching and Mentoring

Preparing young people for modern life to be happy and successful isn’t just about academic education, it’s about learning practical skills. Skills such as how to manage finances, how to deal with social situations, as well as practical skills such as basic car maintenance, cooking, and time organisation. This is where VIP Coaching and Mentoring can step in. With over thirteen years’ experience working with more than 100 teenagers from all backgrounds, founder Kevin Gallagher will provide brilliant mentoring and guidance to teenagers and young adults, helping them to master the skills needed to make the most of their future life. Kevin Gallagher recognises the need for a well-rounded approach to education and his company, VIP Coaching and Mentoring can offer bespoke programmes for private households designed to, not only build confidence in teenagers and young adults, but equip them with the skills needed to confidently master modern life. The programmes focus on six areas of success: home life, travel, practical skills, social skills, finance, and well-being. Subjects not usually covered in the school setting such as managing screen time, conversation and interview techniques, basic orienteering, how to make contingency plans, laundry, how to read and understand body language and financial budgeting. Coaching is based on trust, parents are kept informed of the progress their child is making, but conversations are totally confidential, so teenagers can develop a trusting relationship with their mentor and reach their goals more quickly. Every programme is designed for the individual and generally lasts between three to eighteen months. VIP Coaching and Mentoring are flexible and will work with the client anywhere in the world. There are also opportunities for online mentoring once a solid relationship has been built through face to face mentoring. Kevin also provides online coaching for private household staff including nannies, governesses, and tutors.

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