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There is no thrill in the world like owning a beautiful leather bag that will last you a lifetime. But owning a Tusting leather bag? That is something special. For over 143 years, Tusting have designed and manufactured all of their own bags here in the UK. If you’re looking for a premium quality leather product with character, that has been lovingly handmade and that has a rich history behind its brand name, look no further. These masters of leather don’t just produce bags for every occasion such as the stylish Piccadilly or the versatile Westminster, they have infused their expertise and passion into numerous products. Whether you need a polished purse, a neat card holder, a cute luggage label, or a sleek wallet or glasses case, Tusting have it all.



About Tusting

Since 1875, Tusting has been proud to be one of the finest luxury British leather brands. The company has been run by the Tusting family for over five generations, perfecting their craft of hand-making quality leather products and accessories with sustainable, sturdy materials, that are guaranteed to give the owner a sophisticated edge. Not only do Tusting make products that will last and which are kind to the environment, they guarantee excellent customer service with every sale, promising to help repair a bag in the event of it becoming damaged.



0044 (0)1234 712266


The Tannery Warehouse, Olney Road, Lavendon, Olney, Bucks MK46 4EU

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