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Turnell & Gigon sets itself apart from the rest with its exquisite and tasteful fabrics, wallcoverings and trimmings from some of the finest Houses in Europe and the United States. For us at Listique, the interior design is just as much a work of art as a painting on the wall, which is what can be guaranteed from this distributor. The fabric houses they represent include some of the most sought-after brands which reflect the culture of craftsmanship, artistry and quality.


About Turnell & Gigon

Established in 1982, Turnell and Gigon has a wide range of collections on offer that use traditional techniques to print designs, giving a unique high-end final product. The fabrics and papers are on display in the showroom at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, which allows a buyer to view the product before purchasing. From hand blocking, a method that produces a design so beautiful and delicate that it cannot be satisfactorily copied by any other method, to the recent addition of Palestrina London, a bespoke hand embroidery specialist, Turnell & Gigon favour quality fabrics to the highest degree. As a bold brand that works alongside exceptionally creative designers, some with precise and labour-intensive methods, one can warrant that the final product certainly makes a statement in the setting in which it is placed.



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410 The Chambers, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XF

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