The Pink Piglet Collection


Listique’s Recommendation

Jewellery is a medium more effective than most at making a statement. Whatever your taste, there’s nothing quite like a striking piece to elevate your aesthetic. We absolutely love the Pink Piglet Collection for the original designs made with hand-carved jewels. The semi-precious stones are dazzlingly unique, so it comes as no surprise that these earrings have been spotted adorning the likes of Lady Amelia Winsor. After featuring in Marie Claire and Tatler, the intricate styles should be first on any fashionistas wishlist.


About The Pink Piglet Collection

Founder Millie’s vision of creating timeless, stunning pieces for day-to-day wear has surely been realised. Elegant and luxurious, the jewellery is a passion project influenced by fine art, travel, and artisanal craftwork. Inspired by her mother’s boutique line in the 80s, and named after the animal she adores, The Pink Piglet Collection is a testament to Millie’s keen eye and talent. She believes in the healing potential of crystals, and this belief is the foundation of her design process. Each pair of earrings features an enchanting gemstone with unique metaphysical benefits, such as Agate for protection, Chalcedony for generosity, or Druzy for positive self-love. Beautiful and beneficial? Yes please.

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